Lesa Silvermore


Lesa Silvermore is a young singer/songwriter from Sarasota, Florida. She has been independently managing her music and playing gigs since she was 16. Lesa's style is a cross mixture of Indie-pop and Folk-blues. "Red Hair and Acoustic Guitars" was her first EP she put out in 2011 and in 2013 she collaborated with local musicians to produce her next EP "Rawr". Lesa has just finished her first debut album "Doppelgänger" that was released May 2017. 

Recently, Lesa Silvermore recorded an all exclusive acoustic EP titled "Back to Basics". This was her first full EP to be released on Spotify. She is currently writing with her band on their 2nd album "The Machine." You can follow her on Instagram and like her Facebook page for more updates. 



Lesa Silvermore and The Growlers performing live.

Meet The Band 

ON THE ALBUM                    LIVE BAND

Lesa Silvermore                 Lesa Silvermore
- Lead Singer/Rhythm Guitar     - Lead Singer/Rhythm
Toby Norton                     Jake Anatra
- Lead Guitar                   - Lead Guitar
Josh Scheible                   Josh Scheible
- Bass/Harmonies                - Bass/Harmonies
Doug Rogells                    Dave Cornicelli
- Drummer                       - Drummer




by Lesa Silvermore and The Growlers